Spell Casting

Spell Slots:

  • All shugenja gain a number of spell slots per day equal to their Ring.
  • Example: A Crane shugenja wishes to cast a spell to aid her Yojimbo. As her Yojimbo has just been injured, she wants to heal him. Healing spells are Water type spells. She has a Water Ring of 2, so she is allowed to cast only 2 Water spells per day.

Target Number (TN) to cast a Spell:

  • 10 + (Mastery Level x5) + Raises (if any)
  • Example: The Crane shugenja wishes to cast Path to Inner Peace. Path is a Mastery Level 1 Water spell. Therefore, the TN that the Crane has to beat is 15.

Casting Time:

  • Number of Rounds equal to the Mastery Level of the spell.
  • Example: The Crane shugenja would only need one round to cast her spell as it is a Mastery Level 1 Spell.

Spell Casting Roll:

  • Ring + Shugenja School Rank keep Ring + Spellcraft Emphasis (if any)
  • Example: Continuing from above, the Crane would roll 3d10 (2 from her Water Ring, 1 from her Shugenja School Rank) and keep the two highest. If the total of the two kept dice meets or exceeds the TN, the spell is successfully cast. After this, the Crane shugenja is only allowed to cast one more Water spell today.
  • Stealth Casting:
  • The base TN to stealth cast is 15. This is an Awareness + Stealth roll. This will incur an Honor Loss.
  • Modifiers: Fire Spell, -5 to Roll; Air or Water Spell, add 5 to Roll; Void Spell, add 10 to Roll. Add 20 to Observer’s Investigation roll if Observer has Void of 4 or more; Affinity for Spell Element, add 5 to Roll; Deficiency in Spell Element, subtract 5 from Roll; Spell is Innate, add 10 to Roll; Spell has obvious effect, subtract 5 from Roll; Each Raise to shorten Cast Time, subtract 5 from Roll.


  • The Shugenja must posses the scroll or have the spell as an Innate Ability, to cast the spell.
  • A Spellcraft Skill of Rank 5 or higher grants a Free Raise to be used on casting a spell.
  • A Spellcraft Skill of Rank 7 or higher, with the appropriate Emphasis (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Void), may add the Spellcraft rank to the Casting check.


  • May call a Raise to reduce Casting time by one(1) round. Casting Time cannot be reduced below one round.
  • May call a Raise to increase the spell’s Duration by the listed Duration amount. Cannot be used on spells with a Duration of Instantaneous or Total Concentration.
  • May call a Raise to increase the difficulty of a Counterspell attempt.
  • May call a Raise to increase the Range of a spell by the listed Range. Cannot be used on spells with a Range of Self or Touch.
  • May call three(3) Raises to cast the spell without expending a spell slot. Must have an available spell slot to use.

Spell Casting

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