General Combat

Initiative Rolls

  • Roll Reflexes + Insight Rank
  • Example: A Crab bushi has a Reflexes of 2. As he has just started, he only has an Insight Rank of 1. For Initiative, he would roll and keep all three dice to determine his Initiative.

Attack Rolls:

  • Melee: Agility + Weapon Skill, keep Agility.
  • Ranged: Reflexes + Weapon Skill, keep Reflexes.
  • Example: The Crab bushi from above has an Agility of 2 and a Heavy Weapons Skill of 2. The Crab would roll 4d10 and keep the two highest dice. This same Crab also has a Kyujutsu Skill of 1. To use a bow, he would roll 3d10 and keep the two highest.

Damage Rolls:

  • Melee: Strength + Weapon DR, keep Number designated by Weapon DR.
  • Ranged: Bow Strength or Character Strength (Whichever is lower) + Weapon DR, keep Number designated by Weapon DR.
  • Example: Back to the Crab bushi. He has a Strength of 3. Using a Katana (a melee weapon) with a DR of 3k2 (Roll 3 Keep(k) 2), the Crab would roll 6d10 and keep the two highest. This same Crab later uses a bow. The bow has a Strength of 1 and the arrow he has selected has a DR of 2k2. In this case, the Crab would roll 3d10 and keep the two highest.

Static Modifiers:

  • Come from many sources (Wound Penalties, School Techniques, Kata, Kiho, Spells, etc.)
  • Always added or subtracted from the dice total.
  • Example: Because the aforementioned Crab is from the Hida Bushi School, he is allowed to add his Earth Ring to all melee attack and damage rolls. This is a minimum of +2 to the dice totals from the attack roll and damage roll. If the Crab were suffering any Wound Penalties, he would subtract the appropriate number from both dice rolls.

General Combat

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