Character Creation

For Creation

  • ALL Rings and associated Traits start at 2.
  • ALL new Characters start with 45 Character Points (CP).
  • Follow the steps below, paying attention to the Exceptions listed after.

Step 1: Pick a Clan.
Step 2: Pick a Family.
Step 3: Pick a School (Must be from the chosen Clan).
Step 4: Write down Trait Modifiers (i.e. +1 Awareness).
Step 5: Write down Skills. Unless a number accompanies a skill name (i.e. Athletics 2), all skills are Rank 1 skills.
Step 6: Spend starting Character Points. These may be spent on Trait Increases, new Skills, Skill Increases, or Advantages/Disadvantages. See below for costs. Note: Advantages with the [Inherent] tag may only be taken at Character Creation. May sacrifice 1 Honor Rank for 3 CP.
Step 7: Write down Honor, Glory & Status. Glory and Status begin at Rank 1 (Unless otherwise specified, typically by school).
Step 8: Determine Characters Heritage from Heritage Tables. Write down changes as appropriate.
Step 9: Write down starting gear.
Step 10: Write down final details like name, eye color, etc. A back story for the character is strongly recommended.

Clans, Families & Schools not allowed:

  • All Spider Clan Families and Schools.
  • All Ronin Families and Schools.

Advantages not allowed:

  • Allies, Blackmail, Chosen by the Oracles, Different School, Forbidden Knowledge, Gaijin Gear, Imperial Spouse, Multiple Schools, Sacred Weapon, Servant, Social Position

Disadvantages not allowed:

  • Bitter Betrothal, Black Seep, Cast Out, Dark Fate, Dark Secret, Dependent, Forced Retirement, Hostage, Lost Love, Jealousy, Nemesis, Obligation, Shadowlands Taint, Sworn Enemy, True Love

For Creation and Advancement

Character Point/XP Costs:
Traits/Void: Next Rank x4
Skills: Next Rank
Advantages (Applies after Character Creation): Listed Cost x2 (Cannot purchase [Inherent] or [Granted] tagged Advantages)
Kata, Kiho, etc.: As listed
Innating a Spell: XP equal to spell level
Skill Emphasis: Number of Emphases x2 (This is per skill, i.e. Kenjutsu-Katana and Courtier-Sincerity are each 2 xp if they are the first emphasis acquired. Emphases granted from other sources do not count toward this cost.)

Insight Rank:

  • Add your Rings together and multiply by 5.
  • Sum all Skill ranks and add to the Ring total. Only Rank 2+ skills are summed in this fashion.
  • Add any Mastery bonuses from skills to the Ring total.
  • Add Insight from any other source to the Ring total.

    Insight Total Rank
    0 – 149 1
    150 – 174 2
    175 – 199 3
    200 – 224 4
    225 – 249 5
    250 – 274 6
    275 – 299 7
    300+ 8 (+1 per 25 Insight)

Character Creation

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