Honesty. Courage. Compassion. Courtesy. Honor. Sincerity. Duty. These are the virtues a samurai lives by, and would die to protect. The samurai are the noble defenders of an empire founded on these virtues. There have been those that would control the empire by perverting one or more of these virtues. History has recorded their fate, and that record is not pleasant.
Your story begins in the late 12th century of this empire. The War of Dark Fire is currently raging across Phoenix, Dragon and Unicorn lands. The Crab and the Crane are fighting over control of the Yasuki family for the third time. The Kaiu Wall is under an assault that makes the Maws’ attack look like a light defense probe.
With the Emerald Empire under siege, will you uphold Bushido and become a legendary samurai? Or will you become that which the Empire despises? Only time will tell….


This campaign will be utilizing the Third Edition Revised Core book for Legend of the Five Rings. This campaign is open to Pax Gaming Community members only. Any information, house rules, errata, etc. can be found in the campaign wiki.

It is strongly recommended that players be familiar with at least the back story presented in the core book. The GM will assume that all players, unless previously notified, are familiar with the back story.

Memories of Tomorrow